Common Problems When Painting Walls

During the task of painting drywall or plaster sometimes inconveniences arise. It can be frustrating to find an explanation and they surely complicate the job. Theyusually appear as a consequence of poor surface preparation or incorrect paint application. Let’s answer some of the most common questions we might come across during the painting work or immediately after the paint dries: Why are there bubbles left as the roller passes? In textured walls this is not a problem, but in smooth walls this […]

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Exterior Painting

At least every three years facades and exterior walls, whether concrete or wood, should be given maintenance in order to be kept in good condition. To do it as an expert there are three simple rules for getting great results: 1. Consider weather conditions The temperature, humidity and wind are factors to consider not to affect good adhesion and paint finish. It is important to choose the right day to paint.

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