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Are you looking to hire experienced and licensed commercial remodeling contractors in Charlotte? SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can take on any project, whether you want to do minor renovations to your business location or major remodeling. Commercial spaces often go through many changes during their existence. The following are some of what we can do for commercial interiors in and near Charlotte, North Carolina. 

What We Can Do:

Adding a Room

It’s less common to do a room addition on a commercial building than a residential house, but it is possible. The project is a way to add storage space, an office, or other beneficial room that could help the business expand or function better. 

Commercial Office Building Remodeling

Building up is a big project, but it could have a lot of value for a commercial property. It could provide expansion space for the current business or be a way to bring in additional tenants. For example, adding one or more floors to a single-level office building can allow you to rent the new levels to other businesses. 

One of the biggest benefits of building up on a commercial location is that it doesn’t take away from the outdoor area. It also won’t require reducing the number of parking spaces available to visitors and employees.

Commercial and Business Exterior

Carolina rooms aren’t just for residential homes. They can be fantastic for several types of businesses, including restaurants, bars, and event venues. It gives guests the feeling of eating outdoors without actually having to do so, which can be especially beneficial on extremely hot or cold days, when allergen counts are high, or when it’s raining.

Commercial Bathroom Remodeling

Every commercial space needs at least one bathroom for employees and, depending on the type of business, one for visitors as well. SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can remodel or renovate the existing bathroom(s) so they’re more functional for the current needs, or we can install additional bathrooms.

Commercial Kitchen Remodeling

A functional kitchen is a must for many types of commercial spaces, such as event venues and restaurants. If your kitchen no longer suits your needs, our pros can remodel or renovate it so it works for you. It can allow the business to grow, such as by establishing the space to bring on additional back of house staff.  

Converting the Current Space

Buying a commercial space may mean converting it depending on your vision. For example, a retail store requires a different layout than a restaurant, and a huge unused run-down warehouse might serve the community better as apartments. Although converting the current space is a massive project, it’s one SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors is prepared to do, thanks to its expert team.

Storage Area Addition

Any business can benefit from an extra storage area. Depending on the current layout of the commercial building, it may require adding on or converting an existing space. We could even build custom shelving, cabinets, drawers, and closets that can make it easy to stay organized and keep boxes and items off the floor and out of the way. 

Parking Lot Expansion and Installation

As the business grows, the parking lot might have to as well to accommodate the new influx of employees and/or visitors. Our pros are skilled with parking lot expansions and installations, including with painting lines so every space is clearly marked. 

SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors has worked with many types of businesses in Charlotte and across North Carolina. Connect with us today for a free estimate. Let’s talk about commercial interior remodeling and renovations that can make the location more functional and better than ever.

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