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Commercial Roofing

For the best commercial roofing contractors in Charlotte, give us a call at (704)522-0000. We can certainly install and repair roofs that are to code and safe. Many problems could occur as a result of a commercial roof getting damaged and requiring a repair or replacement. For starters, it can be a major safety risk. Depending on the extent of the damage, inventory and other items can get ruined, employees might temporarily or permanently lose their jobs, and the business could lose significant profits. SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can help your business return to regular operations as soon as possible. Continue reading for more information about your local commercial roofing contractors in Charlotte.

Your Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors in Charlotte

What We Do

Commercial Roofing Materials

When SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors takes on a roofing job, we often turn to GAF products, including its roof coatings. Products like the GAF Premium Acrylic HydroStop® Top Coat acts as a shield against various weather conditions, and FireOut™ Fire Barrier Coating delivers fire protection on roof decks. With so many high-quality commercial roofing materials available, it’s easy for us to choose the appropriate option for your company’s needs. 

New Construction 

SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can put a roof on a new construction property, setting it up to potentially have that same roof for decades. We use roofing materials designed to have resistance against hurricanes and other damaging inclement weather in North Carolina. 

Roof Repairs 

Considering what roofs go through in North Carolina, there’s a good chance a long-standing business will need a roof repair at some point. Our pros can handle the roof repair project so your business can continue (or get back to) operating without any further issues. 

Roof Replacement 

When a roof repair isn’t enough, a replacement may be necessary. A replacement typically means the damage is already significant, so it’s not something you want to put off. As previously stated, there are too many potential risks and problems to not take the issue seriously. Depending on the situation, your business may need to close temporarily for safety purposes, but it’s much better to have a plan than to have it be an emergency situation. 

Emergency Services

Speaking of emergencies, SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors provides emergency commercial roof services to rectify any unforeseen problems as quickly as possible. We’ll provide you with an honest assessment so you can plan accordingly how to handle your business operations. 

Roof Restoration 

A roof restoration is more extensive than a repair but less so than a replacement. Our experts will evaluate the condition of the commercial roof, discuss what needs repairing across its entirety and how much it will cost, then start the process once we get the go-ahead. They’ll clean the roof, do the agreed-upon repairs, and apply a protective coating. 

Don’t put your business in jeopardy by putting off necessary or preventative commercial roof services. Call your reliable and experienced local commercial roofing contractors in Charlotte. We can take on your next roof project and provide high-quality results that have the potential to last for decades.

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