Residential Patios and Decks

Residential Patios and Decks by SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors
Patios and Decks

Residential patios and decks provide outdoor relaxation spots at your North Carolina home where you can unwind with loved ones, have cookouts, and enjoy the beautiful weather. SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can ensure all your outdoor areas look their best and meet your preferences. Keep reading for more about how we can help you have the outside oasis you desire.


If your current outdoor space is no longer meeting your needs or it’s showing signs of age or damage, SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can do a full or partial remodel. Our experts will discuss with you what you feel is and isn’t working in your backyard, the costs, and your expectations so we can help you revamp your outdoor area into one you’ll look forward to using. 

Designing and Installation

Spending time outside is one of the best ways to relax at the end of a long day or week. Give yourself the outdoor space you deserve where you can sit down with your favorite beverage, have a snack or two, enjoy good conversation, and forget about your worries for a while. Whether you want an open area or one with some privacy, SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can ensure it fits your needs. We design and install residential patios, decks, balconies, and porches along with the following:

  • Outdoor Lighting – Strategically placed lights add to the ambiance and are beneficial for safety while using the yard at night. From installing sconce lighting to hanging pendant lighting, SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can establish the perfect level of illumination. 
  • Flooring – Whether you want flooring for a small outdoor area or something larger and more complex, there are several options to consider. Wood, ceramic tile, brick, and carpeting are some choices we offer to our residential clients.
  • Pergola – These structures have a beautiful look that adds style. Our experts can leave them open on the top or install a cover. 
  • Gazebos – Larger backyards can establish a beautiful focal point by adding a gazebo. We can put seating inside to create a spot perfect for relaxing. 
  • Greenhouses – North Carolina residents who love growing plants can have their own greenhouse right in their backyard. They’re great for regulating temperatures and fostering year-round gardening. 
  • Carports – There are many benefits of installing a carport, including having extra protection from inclement weather. Some are freestanding, while others get secured to your home.
  • Bars – Outdoor bars add a fun element to the backyard experience, especially during warmer weather. The pros at SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can do one that’s freestanding, attached to an outdoor kitchen, or secured to your home.  
  • Hammock Stands – A custom hammock stand provides you with a stylish, durable option that you can use for any hammock. Put it in your garden, on the grass, or on a patio as your new favorite spot to unwind.
  • Grill Station – Food always seems extra delicious when it comes right off the grill. SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can build a grill station in your backyard, so you have a designated space to do one of your preferred cooking methods.  
  • Pizza Oven – Pizzas can have an exceptional flavor when they’re cooked with care in an outdoor pizza oven. You can also use it to cook a variety of other foods. 
  • Fireplaces – SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can construct a gorgeous fireplace as a focal point in your backyard. Cozy up in front of it during chilly fall or winter evenings or any other time the temperature dips throughout the year.  
  • Fire Pits – One of the biggest benefits of having our pros install a fire pit in your backyard is that you can customize it to your style preferences and needs. Not only can we build the fire pit, but we may also be able to construct a seating area around it depending on how much space there is to work with. 

Pressure Washing

Some may think the only benefit of pressure washing is that it helps improve the look of their driveway, patio, or other outdoor surfaces, but there’s also a safety element. Mold and other growth can build up, creating a slippery walking and driving surface. Pressure washing is also a more eco-friendly removal option than using harsh, potentially damaging chemicals.  

Call SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors to learn more about how we can improve the outdoor areas of your residential property. We offer free estimates to residents in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina and parts of South Carolina. 

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