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Commercial pressure washing by SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors

For the best commercial pressure washing in Charlotte, give us a call at (704)522-0000 or get an estimate. Pressure washing is a safe, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly way to clean the exterior of commercial buildings and many areas of the property. The experts at SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors are exceptionally skilled at the cleaning method that makes many surfaces look like new. Keep reading for more about what our company pressure washes for commercial clients in and near Charlotte, North Carolina. 

What Can We Pressure Wash?

Exterior Buildings 

If the exterior of a commercial building doesn’t look clean and well-maintained, it won’t provide the best impression to existing and potential customers. SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can pressure wash many aspects of the building, including the roof (depending on its condition).

Sidewalks and Walkways

Pressure washing the sidewalks and walkways on a commercial property boosts the curb appeal while removing many environmental contaminants. This type of job typically doesn’t take much time, but the results can be fantastic. Its limited time requirement also means it likely won’t interfere with your daily business operations.   

Parking Lots

Oil, dirt, mold, and other contaminants can build up on parking lots, making them look unsightly and, in some cases, unsafe. Pressure washing the surface can help improve their look and lifespan. This particular project is generally ideal to do on a day when the business is closed so there’s no one in the parking lot. It allows for a thorough cleaning without any vehicles in the way.

Dumpsters and Dumpster Pads

Dumpsters and the dumpster pads they sit on are far from being the cleanest parts of a commercial property. We recommend scheduling a recurring pressure washing service once per month. It decreases the chances of rodent and insect infestations, limits horrible smells, and prevents a buildup of bacteria growth. Dumpster pads and dumpsters also tend to look much better with regular deep cleanings.

Graffiti and Murals

Most business owners aren’t thrilled about having graffiti on their buildings, especially if it involves offensive content. SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can use pressure washing to remove the graffiti, restoring the surface to its previous condition. If you have a commercial building with a mural painted on it, we can also remove the existing mural if you’re going to replace it with a new one. It provides a fresh surface to start with rather than simply painting over it. 


Mildew, mold, and dirt can easily build up on docks in North Carolina. Our pros can pressure wash them to remove the contaminants, taking extra care not to damage the wood in the process. 

Pool Decking

Taking care of pool decking is just as important as maintaining the pool itself. Pressure washing creates a clean, safe walking surface. It’s ideal to do this right before the warmer weather starts so the area is ready to go once swimming season begins. 

Porches, Decks, Balconies, and Patios

It’s important to keep decks, patios, balconies, and porches free of contaminant buildup. Pressure washing helps them look clean, extends their lifespan, and provides safe walking surfaces. We recommend having these areas pressure washed before your busy season at least once yearly. 

Many pressure washing jobs typically require little time, making them easy to do without disrupting your business, customers, or employees. Contact SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors in North Carolina, and let’s discuss what areas of your commercial building and property we can pressure wash to have them looking their best. 

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