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SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors does residential painting on houses, condos, and apartment buildings in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas including South Carolina. Some jobs may seem easy enough before starting, but they can quickly become more challenging than anticipated, which is where we come in. Whether you need a small project done or one featuring many complexities, our experts have the tools and know-how to take on the task effectively and efficiently. Let’s review some of the interior and exterior residential painting options we offer our clients.

Interior Painting

When your daily schedule is jam-packed, the last thing you probably want to do in the little free time you have is take on an interior painting job. There’s moving and covering the furniture, prepping the surface areas, the painting itself, cleaning up after, and finally putting everything back where it belongs. Put your feet up and relax, and let SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors do all the work for you with its interior residential painting services.

Kitchen Painting

The walls and cabinets in the kitchen go through a lot. They tend to get messy due to cooking splatters, oil and grease, steam from cooking, and various other problems. We use paint specifically designed to hold up to the daily messes, so after a quick and easy clean-up, your kitchen is back to looking fantastic. Considering how prominent kitchen cabinets are, you may be surprised how much of a difference a new paint color can make.

Bathroom Painting

Humidity is one of the biggest challenges in a bathroom. SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors uses paint with a mildew-resistant additive as an option for bathrooms that have one or more daily hot showers running. Want to refresh your bathroom vanity, cabinets, or closets to complement your newly-painted walls? It’s a project that can instantly revitalize the space. 

Dining Room Painting

When you sit down in the dining room to enjoy a meal with loved ones, you don’t want to keep looking around and focusing on how the current paint job doesn’t reflect your style. We can also do wainscotting, chair rails, an accent wall, or just change the paint color to make your dining room the perfect space for sit-down meals.

Living Room Painting

Don’t let your displeasure with the living room’s wall color distract you from watching your favorite movie. Instead, change it to a color you love. SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can also paint fireplaces, mantels, trim, and other features and accents within the space

Garage Painting

Painting a garage typically takes two types of paint – one for the floors and another for the walls. Garage floors put up with a lot of wear and tear from items dropping on them, people and pets walking back and forth, and various sets of tires rolling over them. Our team will get the task done as quickly as possible so the garage’s contents can get right back to where they belong.


Finishing a basement can be a fantastic investment in your home. It may allow you to rent out the room to bring in extra income, could increase the value of your home, and provide you with extra storage, entertaining, or relaxation space to use. A fantastic paint job can make a huge difference.

Exterior Painting

Changing the exterior paint can give your home an entirely new look while increasing its value. SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors offers residential painting services ranging from small outdoor projects to full exterior paint jobs. The following are only some of the types of jobs we love doing for our clients in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.


One of the biggest perks of living in North Carolina is being able to sit on the front porch and have a drink while enjoying the warm fresh air. A new coat of paint can give one of your favorite parts of your home a little dose of TLC, so it’s better than ever.

Decks and Patios

Decks and patios are ideal for entertaining. Whether you want them painted a solid color or a combination of two or more shades, SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors can create a fantastic space for you and your loved ones to hang out in the North Carolina sunshine. We also offer stenciling as one of our exterior residential painting services.


A balcony lets you enjoy the fresh air and outdoor views from a higher perspective. Let us transform your existing balcony color scheme into one that complements the exterior of your home, your environment, and – of course – your style preferences.

Trims and Doors

Although the trim and doors seem relatively minor in comparison to the entire exterior of your home, it may amaze you how essential they are to the overall style. They’re the finishing touches that pull everything together, so a high-quality paint job is necessary to create a cohesive look.

SouthEnd Painting and Roofing Contractors are ready to take on almost any project that requires our expert interior or exterior residential painting skills. Contact us today for a free estimate, and we’ll set you up with an appointment that works best with your schedule.

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