Tank Painting

Water Tank Painting

Large capacity water storage tanks must have protective coatings to prevent leakage and corrosion. A range of complex chemical actions are constantly at work, both inside and outside of a water tank, putting the structural materials at risk.

Water tank painting puts down a strongbarrier that resists oxidization from the air and chemical attack by the water inside. Zinc primers, polyurethane top coats, and intermediate epoxy coats are combined to create a layered wall of protection for the structural materials.

For everything from simple ground tanks to water towers, SouthEnd Painting has the right experience as well as technical knowledge, to make your water tank painting project a success.


Exterior Tank Painting & Coating

Different type tank usage require different type tank coatings. It is important that you choose a contractor that specializes in the field of tank coatings.

SouthEnd Painting will educate you about the available products and the suitability for your project. SouthEnd Painting can handle the application and maintenance of tank linings and tank coatings. Tanks are meant to hold substances withy varying acidity and chemical or abrasive properties. So tank coatings and linings play an integral part of your quality control issues as well as prolong the life of your company’s equipment and infrastructure.

Corrosive forces can decrease the structural integrity of a tank over time, regardless of what type of substance a tank holds. Once the substance comes into contact with the tank walls, whether it be liquids like gas, fuel or water, or solids such as rocks, sand or flour, the corrosive process begins.

For many industries some type of tank coating is required. Both for anti deterioration reasons as well as health reasons. SouthEnd Painting features coatings that are FDA and USDA compliant. They meet tough industry guidelines for safety and use.


Tank Interior Lining

When it comes time to selecting the correct tank lining, the pros at SouthEnd Painting are your experts of choice. We are certified tank linings specialists, and maintain industry licensing and certification that keeps us leaders in this field. And with years of experience in installing as well as maintaining tank linings, SouthEnd Painting is the perfect company to implement your next tank project. Tank linings are an important part of holding-tank technology. Whether it be for liquids such as gas, fuel or water, or solids such as rocks, sand or flour, the correct lining of commercial and industrial tanks is critical to maintaining both optimal quality control of the contents, as well as the structural integrity of the tank itself. SouthEnd Painting features coatings that are FDA and USDA compliant and meet the most stringent industry guidelines for safety and use.

Uses for tank linings are as widely varried. Processing plants use tank linings for hygiene and food safety purposes. Chemical companies use them as protective barriers to maintain chemical compositional integrity.

Many industries also require tank linings for safety reasons. But it is the wise company that seeks out a tank linings specialist, like SouthEnd Painting. We can assess your company’s needs and recommend a personalized solution for the specialized nuances of your industry. By utilizing a tank lining, you will certainly remain in compliance with existing regulations that govern your industry, but you will also enjoy the comfort of knowing that you are reaching optimal productivity and prolonging the longevity of your equipment — all while reducing the threat of potential liability due to poor logistics or maintenance.