Steel Structural

When it comes to the painting of structural steel SouthEnd Painting has a solution for you. We supply anti corrosive primers and full systems for the painting structural steel to meet the modern needs of steelwork contractors and applicators throughout the world

Our range of steel corrosion protection coatings stand out by offering economically viable long-term durability for all types of environments. All coatings in our steel range are performance tested using accelerated as well as real time testing and weathering methods.

Quick drying blast primers, epoxy primer build coats and one coat primer finishes are included in our steel range, protecting steelwork during transportation and throughout the fabrication process. User feedback tells us that they are easy to use and have positive impact on application processes. Whether the product you need is fast drying or has to achieve the required thickness in the minimum number of coats, the rapid throughput of steelwork helps to achieve enhanced profitability.

A full range of primers are also available that guarantee compatibility with our Firetex range of intumscent coatings.