Epoxy resin is created by combining an epoxide with various hardening agents, to create a mixture that is not only tough, but resistant to water and many chemicals. They are designed to deliver the highest levels of paint performance. SouthEnd Painting is your industry professional for all epoxy coating needs.

Just like the common epoxy glues you use around your house, many epoxy coatings are two component coatings. These components are stored separately and mixed on site at the job. Once mixed the coating is ready for application. Epoxy coatings dry fast and provide excellent protection against abrasion.

The tough nature of epoxy coatings stand up to hard use, so it is perfect for many industrial and commercial settings. Epoxy coatings are also often used for interior wall and floor applications.


Deck Coatings

Deck coating is more varied than you may imagine. Chemical compounds in deck coating vary depending on the surface. The experts at SouthEnd Painting are eager to meet with you, assess your individual needs and create a solution that is perfect for you.

Safety First. Safety is one of the foremost reasons for treating your deck. It is more important then ever to protect yourself from negligence in today’s society. Our products are designed to increase the safety of your guests, whether it is slip resistance around a pool deck, or skid resistance on a high-rise balcony. The right deck coating, properly applied will give you the peace of mind you need, and allow you to relax and enjoy your gathering.

Of course, safety isn’t the only reason for coating your deck. The right coating will increase the longevity of your infrastructure, decrease time-consuming maintenance and enhance the looks of your structure for years to come.